Mega Sale – GDI – Traditional Steam Sauna – GDI-7289-01 Sundsvall Edition


– Carbon panel
-Bluetooth speakers
– Top rated brand and quality
-Easily install
– No electrician needed


    • With a Golden Designs traditional steam sauna, you can turn that dream of your very own home spa into a reality. Even where space is at a premium, you can still enjoy the good life in the form of a delightfully relaxing and invigorating steam sauna in the comfort of your own home.

      More than just an opportunity to enjoy a variety of bathing options whenever you want, you’ll also acquire a place to relax with family and friends. And your own personal refuge from the stress and worries of the world.

      Planning a sauna as part of your new home or a renovation project is simple. Golden Designs offers several different prefabricated saunas to fit in the space you desire. Golden Designs saunas can fit into any compact home-bathroom to large open areas in your bedroom as well as exclusive facilities for hotel suites or corporate representation.

      Golden Designs’ traditional steam saunas bring a healthier way to live. Enjoy the wealth of health benefits a traditional steam sauna brings to your life. Take the first step to healthier living!

  • Sundsvall Edition GDI-7289-01 Three Person Traditional Steam Sauna Features

    Golden Designs Sundsvall Edition 2-3 Person Traditional Steam Sauna Specs

    • 2-3 person capacity: Go solo or bring that plus one and show them the beauty of the traditional steam sauna.
    • 100% Natural Canadian red cedar wood: Red Cedar resists warping under heat and humidity changes prevalent in a sauna and is good to keep heat inside.
    • Interior ceiling galaxy star color therapy lighting system: Color therapy or chromotherapy lighting has many possible benefits that include better circulation.
    • Interior backrest with accent color therapy lighting system: The backrest is key to being comfortable inside for your entire session.
    • Interior reading lamp: Bring a book or magazine to read with the lamp inside the sauna.
    • Touch Screen Control Panel with built in FM Radio and Bluetooth Connection with built in performance speakers: Play some tunes on the radio or connect your phone to listen to a podcast.
    • 1 stationary front tempered glass panels with glass door: Strong enough to keep the heat in and large enough to see out.
    • Sandglass, thermometer, bucket and scoop: These will help you measure your humidity and temperature. Scoop some water on the stones to add some more if you can handle it.
    • Stainless steel hinge and handle: New, sleek hardware blends in well with the traditional sauna giving you a little of both worlds.
    • SaunaCore 4.5kW Traditional Sauna Stove / Made in Canada: The tradition continues with SaunaCore’s 4kW stove that brings the heat…and humidity! Just pour some water on the stones.
    • Assembled Dimensions (W x D x H): 59″ x 44″ x 78″
    • 240 v / 30 amp breaker and outlet.


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